KBF Rules Standard

Kayak Fishing Northwest (KFNW), which includes Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing (IKBF), Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing (OKBF), and Washington Kayak Bass Fishing (WAKBF), is a Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) partner. We closely adhere to the rules standard set by KBF, with a few exceptions, as noted below.

It is up to every competitor to read and know all the KBF rules and the KFNW addendum rules. Ignorance of the rules is not a defense. If there’s a rule you don’t understand, reach out to your tournament director for clarification.

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Rules Addendum for KFNW

Updated 8/14/2020

Each division of Kayak Fishing Northwest (KFNW), including Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing (IKBF), Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing (OKBF), and Washington Kayak Bass Fishing (WAKBF) follows identical rules. All the exceptions listed below will apply to each division, unless otherwise specified.

I. Fishing Licenses, Fishing Regulations, Watercraft Registration, and Aquatic Invasive Species Permits and Reports

  1. It is the responsibility of each competitor to understand and act in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state they are competing in, including, but not limited to, fishing license, fishing regulations, watercraft registration (if necessary), aquatic invasive species permits, parking permits, and any other pertinent regulations. If KFNW becomes aware that any competitor has failed to comply with any pertinent laws and regulations, it will result in disqualification from any and all applicable tournaments.
  2. Washington-Specific: Competitors in any tournament (Tour Event or Open) that includes waters in Washington MUST complete an Aquatic Invasive Species Decontamination Statement. This form will be provided at Check-In at each in-person tournament, or you can download the form and turn in a completed copy at Check-In. In addition, if the competitor has operated their watercraft outside of Washington within 30 days before the tournament, they must also complete and turn in an Aquatic Invasive Species Decontamination Report. Failure to complete or provide these forms at Check-In will result in disqualification from the tournament.
  3. Oregon-Specific: Starting in 2020, Oregon requires all watercraft operators to possess either an AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) Permit, or a Waterway Access Permit. Which one you need will depend on your watercraft. For more information, visit the Waterway Access and Aquatic Invasive Species permits page on the ODFW website. If KFNW becomes aware that any competitor has failed to comply with these regulations, it will result in disqualification from any and all applicable tournaments.

II. Watercraft and Propulsion

  1. Human-powered propulsion is the only form of propulsion currently allowed in our Tour Events. This includes, but is not limited to paddles, oars, and pedal drive systems. No electric motors are allowed for propulsion unless approved in advance by Tournament Director, and only for those with disabilities or mobility challenges.
  2. Electric motors will be allowed for ALL Open Live Events, including, but not limited to, IKBF, OKBF, and WAKBF Season Kickoff Opens, the KFNW All-Species Open, and the KFNW Charity Fish-A-Thon.
  3. Electric motors will also be allowed for ALL Online Challenges, whether they are Opens or sanctioned, AOY tournaments.
  4. Differentiation on motors from KBF Rules Standard:
    1. Electric motor used to propel a watercraft:
      1. Must be attached to the kayak in a safe manner for operation, and
      2. may not exceed 3 HP (or equivalent), and
      3. may not exceed 155 foot/pound thrust. Violation of any of the conditions above will result in disqualification from the Event.
  5. If you have a motor mounted on your watercraft, it must be removed before competing in a Tour Event. You may leave the motor mount on the watercraft.

III. Membership

  1. A $50 membership fee is required to participate in all sanctioned events in the Tour Event Series (not including Opens), and Online Challenge Series (not including Opens). Membership includes eligibility for all three KFNW divisions (IKBF, OKBF, and WAKBF).
  2. Members will be given access to Members Only area of the website and provided with members only discounts and opportunities.
  3. When each competitor registers, they will be asked to complete a liability waiver. This waiver is required for competition.

IV. Entry Fees

  1. Online registration via TourneyX.com must be completed prior to any event (registration deadline date varies, depending on which state the event is held). Check the details for each event to confirm the registration deadline.
  2. If you arrive for pre-tournament check-in and have not registered, Tournament Director will do everything they can to accommodate you, however, there is a possibility that you will not be able to compete due to individual state permitting rules, and other preparations we need to make for Tour Events. Please don’t surprise us at the pre-tournament check-in, register online at TourneyX.com ahead of time.

V. Refunds

  1. All entry fee sales are final, and will not be refunded (except in the case of Event Cancellation). If for any reason, you cannot attend the event, your entry fee will be paid out to the winners of the event. For the 2020 season, we will ease this no refund policy a bit, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you or someone around you contracts the virus before an event, please let us know as soon as possible and we will refund your entry fee.

VI. KFNW Virtual Captain’s Meeting

  1. The KFNW Virtual Captain’s Meeting will be made available on the website before competition begins. Viewing the meeting is required for participation.
  2. Any competitor who has not signed in to the KFNW Virtual Captain’s Meeting page on the website before competing in an event, will be disqualified from the event.

Virtual Captains meeting for 2020 has been cancelled.

VII. Event Cancellation

  1. In the event of the cancellation of a live event due to extreme weather or other unforeseen obstacles, the event shall be cancelled and all competitors will receive a refund.

VIII. Prefishing

  1. Prefishing can be done, as listed in the KBF Rules, from ANY type of fishing vessel.
  2. Prefishing Cutoff will be 4:00pm the day prior to any Tour Event.

IX. Pre-Tournament Check-In and Post-Tournament Weigh-In

  1. Pre-Tournament Check-In and Post-Tournament Weigh-In locations and times will be determined and announced prior to each event.
  2. All anglers must personally check-in with the Tournament Director by these scheduled times. No substitutes or proxies will be accepted.
  3. Tardiness to Pre-Tournament Check-in or Post-Tournament Weigh-In will not be tolerated. Any angler who shows up after the scheduled check-in time will be disqualified (e.g. if the weigh-in time is 3:00 pm, anyone arriving at 3:01 pm or later will be disqualified.)

X. Identifier

  1. All competitors must use either the KFNW Identifier card, or the KBF identifier card.
  2. Random prize giveaways will be awarded to anglers who use the KFNW Identifier card.
  3. The KFNW identifier card is NOT allowed for use in any KBF competitions.

XI. Tackle and Equipment

Ketch Karbonate Polymer Bump Board
Ketch Products Aluminum Board
  1. A certified bump board must be used. Certified boards include Ketch Karbonate (preferred), Ketch Products Aluminum Board (preferred), Hagen’s Hawg Trough, and YakGear FishStik V2.
  2. If you are using a Hawg Trough or YakGear FishStik V2 measuring board, it should have the lines darkened using a magic marker, as well as where the “fence” joins the board. Failure to do so may result in lower scores, or in certain cases, the denial of a catch. See photo below:
YakGear FishStik V2 with lines not darkened
Hagen’s Hawg Trough with lines darkened

XII. Minimum Lengths

  • For all Tour Events and Month-Long Online Challenges (unless otherwise specified for specific events) the minimum length requirement shall be 8 inches.
  • For all Season-Long Online Challenges the minimum length requirement shall be 12 inches.

XIII. Payouts

  1. View KFNW Fee Breakdowns & Prize Payouts
  2. Payouts will generally happen 24-30 hours after the completion of an event (except in the event of a dispute). Participants have up to 24 hours after the completion of an event to file a dispute. In the event of a recognized dispute, payouts will be held until the dispute is resolved. For more on disputes, read the KBF Rules Standard.
  3. In the event that NO fish are caught during a Tour Event or Online Challenge, the money will roll over to the next event in that series. In the event that no fish are caught on the last event of the season, the money will roll over to the division series’ Angler of the Year winnings. Any non-cash prizes for winners will be raffled off at random to participating anglers.
  4. In the event of a tie in any place standing, the winner of the place standing will be determined by their longest fish. This will continue to second, third, fourth and fifth fish. If identical limits are caught and the tie remains, a coin toss will determine the place standing.
  5. In the event that fewer anglers catch fish than the predetermined payout schedule calls for, the prizes and money will be redistributed to those anglers who caught fish. EG: If only one angler out of 30 catches a fish, all the prize money and earned placement prizes will go to that one angler. Prizes that have been determined ahead of time, such as as raffle items, will still be raffled off at random, with no additional purchase necessary.

XIV. Big Fish Buy-In

  1. For each Tour Event and Online Challenge, competitors can choose to enter into a Big Fish Buy-In, which will be a separate pool of money, on top of the tournament entry fee.
  2. Big Fish Buy-In will be $5 per event.
  3. The single competitor with the largest fish caught during competition, who paid into the Big Fish Buy-In, will receive 96.5% of the Big Fish Buy-In pot. The other 3.5% goes to PayPal fees.
  4. In the event that multiple competitors have a tie for biggest fish, the lengths of their next biggest fish will be used to determine the winner. In the event that there is a tie on all fish in multiple angler’s limits, a coin toss will determine the winner.

XV. Sponsor-Donated Prizes and Raffle Items

  1. Other prizes such as non-cash, sponsor donations will be distributed as seen fit by the organization, in the form of tournament prizes and raffles.
  2. Each participating angler has an equal chance to win raffle prizes. No additional tickets are ever sold for raffle items.

XVI. Angler-of-the-Year Rules

An angler will be named Angler-of-the-Year (AOY) for both the Tour Event Series and the Online Challenge Series for each division.

The Angler-of-the-Year for the Tour Event Series will be determined by adding all the points earned from the best four out of five (4/5) Tour Events.

The Angler-of-the-Year for the Online Challenge Series will be determined by adding all the points earned from the best six out of seven (6/7) Online Challenges.

Angler-of-the-Year points will be awarded as such:

  1. 1st Place in any Tour Event or Online Challenge – 100 points; 2nd Place – 99 points; 3rd Place in any Tour Event or Online Challenge – 98 points, and so on…
  2. Those that fish in a Tour Event or Online Challenge but don’t upload any approved fish, will earn 20 points less than the lowest earned placement.
  3. Tour Event no-shows and those that do not fish will not receive AOY points.
  4. Angers disqualified from Tour Events or Online Challenges for any reason, including failure to appear at a required check-in or weigh-in on time, will not receive AOY points.
  5. Participants of Opens will not receive AOY points.

XVII. AOY Tiebreakers

In the event of a tie, a score will be calculated for each competitor, totalling their limits for their four best Tour Event scores of the season (Tour Event Series) or six best Online Challenge scores of the season (Online Challenge Series). The angler with the highest score wins. In the event of a tie in total inches, competitor with the largest fish of the season wins. In the event of a tie in total inches and largest fish, the earliest catch time and date of the largest fish wins.

XVIII. Online Challenge Locations

  1. All bass must be caught in the state specified in the Online Challenge, or boundary waters (e.g. Columbia River, Snake River, etc.) between states, except for the Season-Long Regional Open, for which bass may be caught in Idaho, Oregon, or Washington. When fishing boundary waters in a Statewide Online Challenge, you may launch from either state (check your local regulations for fishing license limitations). Fish must be caught in the main waterway. Fish caught inside sloughs and tributaries of the waterway, in the bordering state will be denied.
  2. Unless otherwise specified in the specific event details, fish must be caught ONLY on publicly accessible waters via public launches. This includes free launches, or paid launches, as long as anyone can use the launch at any time during competition. Fish caught on non-public waters or “pay-to-fish” stocked waters will be denied, and the competitor will be disqualified from the tournament.
  3. In addition, fish caught from the following waters are ineligible. Catches from these bodies of water will be denied: Washburn Island Pond (Washington), Lake Walcott (Idaho).
  4. Effective immediately, and until further notice, waters on military bases are ineligible. Normally we follow KBF’s lead regarding waters on military bases, and fishing is usually allowed, as long as anyone can get a permit to fish on that base. With COVID-19, it’s become much more difficult for us to establish whether or not a military base is accepting permit applications from the general public. That creates an unfair situation for non-military persons who might not be able to access waters that military personnel can.

XIX. KFNW Kayak Bass Classic Qualifications

The KFNW Kayak Bass Classic is a special invitational, regional tournament held after the completion of the regular season for all three divisions. It includes the best anglers from IKBF, OKBF, and WAKBF. In order to participate, anglers must be an annual KFNW member in good standing.

Anglers may qualify for the Kayak Bass Classic, by completing any one of the following achievements:

  1. Classic Champion from the previous season is automatically qualified for the following Kayak Bass Classic, unless they are disqualified for some other reason.
  2. First Place Winner of Tour Events in each division is qualified. If the first place winner has already qualified, no new angler will qualify (there will be no roll downs). The winner is simply reducing the number of qualified anglers who will compete.
  3. Angler of The Year for Tour Event Series in each division is qualified.
  4. Angler of The Year runner-up for Tour Event Series in each division is qualified.
  5. Angler of The Year for Online Challenge Series in each division is qualified.
  6. Angler of The Year runner-up for Online Challenge Series in each division is qualified.
  7. Season-Long Online Challenge winner in each division is qualified.

XX. KBF National Championship Qualifications

  1. KBF National Championship slots will be awarded based on the Angler-of-the-Year standings. Roll downs and special qualifications will be determined by the KBF Rules Standard. More to come on this as we receive additional information from KBF.