• Please complete all sections and submit within 24 hours of the completion of judging and public announcement of official standings (usually one day after the event is complete or sooner). The KFNW Director and all Tournament Directors will receive your submission and notify you if additional information is needed. You will be notified of the committee’s final ruling.
  • All five of the following statements must be true for a dispute to be considered.
  • In what event was the infraction alleged to have occurred? Copy the name from the KFNW website or TourneyX to make sure it’s accurate and complete.
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  • Describe the score, penalty, judgment or other issue that is in dispute.
  • Cite the rule that applies in this situation. If no rule, describe the practice or principle involved.
  • What is your side of the story? Tell us what really happened, from your perspective.
  • Provide evidence or corroborating testimony to support your contention, if any. If you have none, type “None.”
  • If you have photographs or other documentation of the incident, upload them here.
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