Tournament Schedule

June 14, 2024: 4:00 PM Captains Meeting presented by Rogue Ales & Spirits

A little bit of business, a little bit of fun. We’ll do AIS paperwork and board checks at the Captain’s Meeting, but we’ll also have samples from Rogue Ales & Spirits and a BBQ food truck on-location, so come hungry and thirsty!

And we’ll prize drawings from KFNW and Three Rivers Tackle, as well as Rogue Ales & Spirits and Calcutta Outdoors!

Location: Three Rivers Tackle

  • Bring your Ketch boards
  • Attendance is mandatory, unless absence is authorized by Marvin Forte or Jim Davis prior to the meeting, and for a valid reason.

June 15, 2024: 4:00-4:15 AM – Virtual Check-In

  • Anglers MUST check-in on TourneyX within this window. Failure to check-in on-time may result in disqualification.

4:15 AM – Launch: Paddles

4:20 AM – Launch: Pedals

4:25 AM – Launch: Motors

4:45 AM – Lines In

5:04 AM – Sunrise

11:45 PM – Standings Offline

12:44:59 PM – Lines Out

1:45 PM – Photo Submission Deadline

2:45:00 PM – Weigh-In & Awards Ceremony

  • Competitors must be present at weigh-in location by this time. Competitors who are not present by this time will be disqualified.

Weigh-In Location: Three Rivers Tackle

Tournament Details

  • Cell Service on Water: Spotty
    Cellular service may not be available on the water. It is the competitor’s responsibility to find service and upload their fish before the deadline.
  • Launch Type: Designated Launches
  • Registration Ends: 06/07/2024 11:59 PM
    Late registration is limited and subject to an additional $10 late registration fee
  • Off-Limits Period Begins: NA
  • Practice Ends: 06/14/2024 11:00 AM
  • Identifier Code Released: 06/14/2024 4:00 PM

Launch Locations:

All Launches link will show you a full map with all the pins for each launch. Individual launches link will zoom in on that specific launch.

State Regulations:

  • This section of the river flows through Washington, and partially through Oregon. You will need a fishing license from Washington or Oregon to compete. The differences are listed below.
  • A Washington fishing license will allow you to launch at any of the Designated Launches, 
  • A Washington fishing license will allow you to fish on either side of the river, anywhere within the eligible boundaries of the Tournament.
  • An Oregon fishing license will allow you to launch at Designated Launches 8, 12, 15, 20 only, as numbered above.
  • An Oregon fishing license will allow you to fish either side of the river, where it borders Oregon. 

Captains Meeting and Weigh-In/Awards Location:

  • Three Rivers Tackle
  • 4345 Twin Lake Ct, West Richland, WA 99353
  • There will be parking in the grassy area and on the street. Competitors are encouraged to carpool to the Captains meeting and Weigh-In/Awards if possible.
  • Attendance is MANDATORY. If you need to leave early, contact the Tournament Director.

Safety Notes:

  • An overhead 360 degree light is required in low light conditions. A high-visibility flag, vest-type PFD, and sound signaling device (whistle) are required on the water at all times during the event. Failure to utilize any of this safety equipment may result in disqualification. See our Rules Standard for full details.
  • For in-person, live Events in Washington state, an authorized chartreuse/yellow EVENT flag MUST be flown while participating in the Event according to state permit regulations. Yellow EVENT flags should not be flown except when participating in a live Event. Yellow EVENT Flags are available for purchase and can be shipped, or picked up at the Captains Meeting.
  • EVENT Flag Link

Eligible Water Boundaries:

  • Main water body
  • Upstream boundary is I-182 overpass (see map below).
  • Downstream boundary is McNary Dam.
  • Snake River boundary is the end of Hood Park Boat Launch (see map below).
  • Yakima River boundary is I-182 overpass (see map below).
  • Walla Walla River boundary is the end of Madame Dorion Memorial Park.
  • Connected tributaries are in bounds, when navigable from the main body of water. Any tributary boundaries are shown on the map below.
  • Disconnected sloughs and ponds are out-of-bounds.
  • Portaging is not permitted.
  • Only public waters are allowed.
Lake Wallula Boundaries
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Tournament Director: