Tournament Schedule

4:30-4:45 AM – Physical Check-In: Quinn River Boating Site

Anglers MUST check-in within this window. Failure to check-in on-time will result in disqualification. We recommend all anglers unload their gear before and during check-in. Kayaks and gear may be stored on the bank, or near the launch. Be sure to leave room for other people to use the ramp!

5:15 AM – Launch: Paddles

5:20 AM – Launch: Pedals

5:25 AM – Launch: Motors

5:45 AM – Lines In

6:07 AM – Sunrise

12:45 AM – Standings Offline

1:45 PM – Lines Out

2:45 PM – Upload Deadline

3:30 PM – Weigh-In & Awards Ceremony

  • Competitors must be present at weigh-in location by this time. Competitors who are not present by this time will be disqualified.

Weigh-In Location:

Frontier Heritage Park
16405 1st St, La Pine, OR 97739

Tournament Details

  • Cell Service on Water: Poor
    Cellular service may not be available on the water. It is the competitor’s responsibility to find service and upload their fish before the deadline.
  • Launch Type: Designated Launches
  • Registration Ends: 08/4/2023 11:59 PM
    Late registration is limited and subject to an additional $10 late registration fee
  • Off-Limits Period Begins: No Off-Limits Period
  • Practice Starts: 08/11/2023 6:07 AM
  • Practice Ends: 08/11/2023 11:00 AM
  • Identifier Code Released: 08/11/2023 10:00 PM

Physical Check-In Location:

Launch Locations

  • Browns Mountain Boating Site (unimproved)
  • Crane Prairie Boating Site (improved)
  • Crane Prairie Campground (improved)
  • Quinn River Boating Site (improved)
  • Rock Creek Campground Boat Ramp (improved)
  • No other launches are allowed.

Weigh-In Location:

  • Frontier Heritage Park
    16405 1st St, La Pine, OR 97739
  • We will use the grassy area between the community center and the stage.
  • There should be plenty of parking. Vehicles without trailers can park in the parking lot. If necessary, vehicles with trailers can park on 18th St, 17th St, or the open lot off 15th St.
  • Attendance is MANDATORY. If you need to leave early, contact the Tournament Director.

Safety Notes:

  • An overhead 360° light is required in low light conditions. A high-visibility flag, vest-type PFD, and sound signaling device (whistle) are required on the water at all times. Failure to utilize any of this safety equipment may result in disqualification.

Eligible Water Boundaries:

  • Main water body of Crane Prairie Reservoir
  • Connected creeks, rivers, sloughs and tributaries accessible via kayak from the main body of water are in-bounds up to 100 yards from the main main body (conditions permitting for safety and accessibility)
  • Disconnected sloughs and ponds are out-of-bounds
  • Portaging is not permitted
  • Only public waters are allowed

Tournament Director: