Welcome to KFNW!

Kayak Fishing Northwest (KFNW) is a kayak fishing, tournament tour series for Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. By working together, we are able to bring more opportunity to anglers in the Pacific Northwest. KFNW is comprised of three divisions: Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing (IKBF), Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing (OKBF), and Washington Kayak Bass Fishing (WAKBF). We are dedicated to providing a fun, competitive series where all are welcome.

New for 2020

We’ve got some big changes for the 2020 season that are sure to make everyone happy. Here are some of the highlights:

  • One membership fee ($50) will now allow you to fish any KFNW tournament in Idaho, Oregon, or Washington. We’ve chosen some Tour Event locations that are ideal for folks to fish from other states. And we’ve done our best to ensure that there are no conflicting dates for any of our Tour Events. Put it all together, and that means inter-divisional fishing is on!
  • Each division has sanctioned, season-long, and month-long Online Challenges now. These all contribute to your AOY score for Online Challenges, and ultimately your qualification for the 2020 KFNW Kayak Bass Classic.
  • We have also added a regional Online Challenge that’s open to anyone (no KFNW membership required, no AOY points).
  • The Classic will be a regional event featuring the best anglers from all three divisions, competing for two days in October to name the 2020 KFNW Champion.
  • Permits in all three states will now be covered by membership fees, not entry fees. That means bigger payouts, especially in Washington state, where we had to pull a permit regardless of how small the tournament was.
  • We will have new custom medals for our live events this year. Design is being finalized now and they’re looking great.
  • We will also have KFNW Recognition Pins for notable catches throughout the season (largemouth 20+ inches, smallmouth 19+ inches).
  • And we’ll give away special participation awards for things like Road Warrior (for anglers who fish in the most Tour Events) and Busybody (for anglers who fish in the most Online Challenges).
  • We have a number of Open tournaments this year, which do not require a membership fee, and have a small $20 entry fee (with the exception of the Regional Season-Long Online Challenge Open, which is $75).
  • The Charity Bass-A-Thon is now an open event (no KFNW membership required), and since we are planning to hold it at a world class trout AND bass fishery, Crane Prairie Reservoir, it will be the Charity Fish-A-Thon this year. Just $20 to enter.
  • We decided not to allow electric motors again for 2020 (except for disabled persons) but we’ve added a poll question about motors on the registration form. Let us know if you would like to see us allow motors in the future.

Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing

Acting Director
Marvin Forte


Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing

Marvin Forte

Washington Kayak Bass Fishing

Jasen Phelps

“Anthony Lake” by Max Rae – Celebrate Photography is licensed under CC BY 2.0