Tournament Schedule

July 26, 2024

11:00 AM – Prefishing Ends for the Day (all anglers must be off the water by this time)

6:00 PM – Captain’s Meeting: Ochoco Plaza in Prineville

  • Bring your Ketch boards
  • Attendance is mandatory, unless absence is authorized by Matthew Burdick prior to the meeting, and for a valid reason.
  • Location: Ochoco Plaza in Prineville near Verizon store, which will be closed. Abbey’s Legendary Pizza is across the street and some of us will be grabbing food there.

July 27, 2024

4:30 AM – 5:00 AM – Virtual Check-In

  • Anglers MUST check-in on TourneyX within this window. Failure to check-in on-time may result in disqualification.
  • If you do not have cell service at your launch location, take a selfie before launching, between 4:30 and 5:00 AM.
  • We will check winners for Virtual Check-In or selfie photo at the Awards. Failure to check-in, or present photo, may result in disqualification.

5:00 AM – Launch: Paddles

5:05 AM – Launch: Pedals

5:10 AM – Launch: Motors

5:30 AM – Lines In

5:46 AM – Sunrise

12:30 PM – Standings Offline

1:30:00 PM – Lines Out

2:30 PM – Upload Deadline

3:30:00 PM – Weigh-In & Awards Ceremony

  • Competitors must be present at weigh-in location by this time. Competitors who are not present by this time will be disqualified.

Weigh-In Location: Crooked River Park & Les Schwab Baseball/Soccer Fields
Prineville, OR

Tournament Details

  • Cell Service on Water: Spotty
    Cellular service may not be available on the water. It is the competitor’s responsibility to find service and upload their fish before the deadline.
  • Launch Type: Designated Launches
  • Registration Ends: 07/19/2024 11:59 PM
    Late registration is limited and subject to an additional $10 late registration fee
  • Off-Limits Period Begins: NA
  • Practice Starts: 07/26/2024 5:46 AM (Launch Time)
  • Practice Ends: 07/26/2024 11:00 AM (Off the Water Time)
  • Identifier Code Released: 07/25/2024 10:00 PM

Launch Locations

Some launches may be closed, depending on water levels. We will update this list as more information becomes available.

Captain’s Meeting Location:

Weigh-In Location:

Safety Notes:

  • An overhead 360° light is required in low light conditions. A high-visibility flag, vest-type PFD, and sound signaling device (whistle) are required on the water at all times. Failure to utilize any of this safety equipment may result in disqualification.

Eligible Water Boundaries:

  • Main water body of Prineville Reservoir
  • Connected rivers, creeks and sloughs are in-bounds when navigable by kayak from main lake
  • Disconnected sloughs and ponds are out-of-bounds
  • Portaging is not permitted
  • Only public waters are allowed

Tournament Director: