KFNW is proud to recognize extraordinary catches by our members in sanctioned Tour Events and Online Challenges. For largemouth bass, any fish 20+ inches qualifies; and for smallmouth bass, any fish 19+ inches qualifies. At the end of the season, Citation Bass Award winners will receive one enamel pin per qualifying year, and per species (largemouth or smallmouth).

2021 Big Bass Citation Largemouth
2021 Big Bass Citation Smallmouth

The following fish are all certified HAWG by the KFNW.

Citation Largemouth Bass (20 or more inches)

Qualified Anglers (number submitted)

  1. Jacob Hudgens (OKBF) (1)
  2. Jordan Rosenburg (OKBF) (4)

Citation Smallmouth Bass (19 or more inches)

Qualified Anglers (number submitted)

Qualified Largemouth (largest to smallest)

21.5″ Jordan Rosenburg (OKBF)
20.75″ Jordan Rosenburg (OKBF)
20.5″ Jordan Rosenburg (OKBF)
20.25″ Jacob Hudgens (OKBF)
20″ Jordan Rosenburg (OKBF)

Qualified Smallmouth (largest to smallest)