October 17-18, 2020 – Tenmile Lakes, Oregon

Throughout the KFNW Season, there will be several opportunities to qualify for the KFNW Kayak Bass Classic (KBC). To learn more about qualifications, please visit the KFNW Rules Standard.

What is the KFNW Kayak Bass Classic? The Kayak Bass Classic (KBC) is an event that will occur every fall, where the top-ranked anglers from all three KFNW divisions (IKBF, OKBF, WAKBF) are invited to compete. There is no entry fee to fish the KBC, and every year we will work to grow the payout and benefits of participating in the event. The KBC is a two-day tournament on a body of water that will be chosen by KFNW directors.

If you have any questions, please email kfnw.marvin@gmail.com

Anglers qualified for the 2020 KBC:

  1. Braden Allison (OKBF)
  2. Brad Andrews (IKBF)
  3. Matthew Burdick (OKBF)
  4. Joseph Christy (IKBF)
  5. Daniel Clark (OKBF)
  6. Dane Conklin (WAKBF)
  7. Jim Davis (WAKBF)
  8. Jordan Dugger (WAKBF)
  9. Matthew Grimm (WAKBF)
  10. Don Hogue (WAKBF)
  11. Victor Jaime (IKBF)
  12. Joe Jones (IKBF)
  13. Patrick Kelly (WAKBF)
  14. Lance Lindsey (OKBF)
  15. Gage Loveall (OKBF)
  16. David Melendez (OKBF)
  17. Jeremy Miles (OKBF)
  18. Jeremy Miller (IKBF)
  19. Kegan Pankratz (OKBF)
  20. Kyle Zemke (IKBF)

Qualifying Titles

Kayak Fishing Northwest

  • 2019 OKBF KBC Champion: Matthew Burdick

Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing

  • Tour Event #1 Winner: Kyle Zemke
  • Tour Event #2 Winner: Joe Jones
  • Tour Event #3 Winner: Brad Andrews
  • Tour Event #4 Winner: Victor Jaime
  • Tour Event #5 Winner: Jeremy Miller
  • Tour AOY: Kyle Zemke
  • Tour AOY Runner-Up: Jeremy Miller
  • Online AOY: Joseph Christy
  • Online AOY Runner-Up: Brad Andrews
  • Season-Long Champ: Joseph Christy

Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing

  • Tour Event #1 Winner: Lance Lindsey
  • Tour Event #2 Winner: Jeremy Miles
  • Tour Event #3 Winner: Daniel Clark
  • Tour Event #4 Winner: Kegan Pankratz
  • Tour Event #5 Winner: Matthew Burdick
  • Tour AOY: David Melendez
  • Tour AOY Runner-Up: Matthew Burdick
  • Online AOY: Braden Allison
  • Online AOY Runner-Up: David Melendez
  • Season-Long Champ: Gage Loveall

Washington Kayak Bass Fishing

  • Tour Event #1 Winner: Patrick Kelly
  • Tour Event #2 Winner: Matthew Grimm
  • Tour Event #3 Winner: Jim Davis
  • Tour Event #4 Winner: Dane Conklin
  • Tour Event #5 Winner: Don Hogue
  • Tour AOY: Jim Davis
  • Tour AOY Runner-Up: Patrick Kelly
  • Online AOY: Don Hogue
  • Online AOY Runner-Up: Jordan Dugger
  • Season-Long Champ: Don Hogue

Tournament Details

Travel Information for Tenmile Lakes

Updated September 26, 2020.
This information will be updated, so check back frequently.

Fishing Licenses and Permits

Anglers from out of state will need an Oregon fishing license and a Waterway Access Permit (formerly Aquatic Species Permit). You can purchase both of these online, or in-person at most sporting goods, hardware, or fishing supply stores.

You may encounter a roadside Aquatic Species inspection station upon entering Oregon. They will ask you a few questions and inspect your kayak(s).

Fishing Licenses

  • Two-Day Non-Resident License: $42.00
  • Three-Day Non-Resident License: $59.50
  • Seven-Day Non-Resident License: $93.50
  • Annual Non-Resident License: $110.50
  • You will NOT need the Columbia River Basin Endorsement for any waterways near Tenmile Lakes.
  • https://myodfw.com/fishing/licensing-info

Waterway Access Permit

Hotels and Motels

There are two resorts on the lake with lodging options: Osprey Point RV Resort & Marina and Lakeshore Lodge. These locations offer rooms, RV camping, cabins, and tent camping as well. Note: Private ramps and private launches may be used during pre-fishing but are off-limits for tournament days. Launching from a private launch on tournament days will result in disqualification.

NOTE: Some of the accommodations at Osprey Point and Lakeshore include access to private docks or launches. Private docks or private launches may be used for pre-fishing (as long as you have permission) but are prohibited on tournament days. Use of a private dock or launch on tournament days will result in disqualification from the Classic.

In nearby Lakeside is the Seadrift Motel & RV. The Seadrift is a 7-minute drive to Osprey Point.

Most of the other hotels and motels will be found in Reedsport, Coos Bay, or Winchester Bay about 15-30 minutes drive to Osprey Point (other launches may take longer). Rates in Reedsport range from $60–$80 per night. Coos Bay And Winchester Bay range from $60–$200 per night.

Osprey Point RV Resort & Marina
1505 N Lake Rd, Lakeside, OR 97449
(541) 759-2801

Lakeshore Lodge
290 N 8th St, Lakeside, OR 97449
(541) 759-3161

Seadrift Motel & RV
72363 US-101, Lakeside, OR 97449
(541) 759-3102


Eel Creek RV Park and Campground
67760 Spinreel Rd, Lakeside, OR 97449
(541) 759-4462

Half Moon Bay Campground
Winchester Bay, OR

Horsfall Campground
North Bend, OR 97459
(541) 271-6000

North Lake RV Resort & Marina
2090 N Lake Rd, Lakeside, OR 97449

Oregon Dunes KOA Holiday
68632 US-101, North Bend, OR 97459

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
855 US-101, Reedsport, OR 97467

Osprey Point RV Resort & Marina
1505 N Lake Rd, Lakeside, OR 97449
(541) 759-2801

Riley Ranch Campground
93507 Riley Ranch Ln, North Bend, OR 97459
(541) 756-1687

Tenmile Lake County Park
170 S 12th St, Lakeside, OR 97449
(541) 759-3176

Umpqua Dunes RV Park
Winchester Bay, OR


City Subs
149 N 4th St, Coos Bay, OR 97420
(541) 269-9000

Don’s Main Street Family Restaurant
2115 Winchester Ave, Reedsport, OR 97467
(541) 271-2032

Double D’s On The Rocks
460 Beach Blvd, Winchester Bay, OR 97467
(541) 271-4242

Griff’s On the Bay Restaurant
142 Bayfront Loop, Winchester Bay, OR 97467
(541) 271-2512

Harbor Light Restaurant*
930 US-101, Reedsport, OR 97467
(541 271-3848

Mom’s Kitchen
1603 Sherman Ave, North Bend, OR 97459
(541) 756-2710

Pancake Mill Restaurant and Pie Shoppe*
2390 Tremont Ave, North Bend, OR 97459
(541) 756-2751

Schooner Inn Cafe
423 Riverfront Way, Reedsport, OR 97467
(541) 271-3945

SharkBite’s Seafood Cafe
240 S Broadway, Coos Bay, OR 97420
(541) 269-7475

Sol De Mexico
1790 Winchester Ave, Reedsport, OR 97467
(541) 271-0339

Vinny ‘s Smokin’ Good Burgers & Sandwiches
Address: 3385 Broadway Ave, North Bend, OR 97459
(541) 756-2221

* Personal recommendation

Nearby Attractions

  • The Oregon Dunes
  • Siltcoos Lake
  • Tahkenitch Lake
  • Umpqua River

Tourism Resources

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