Road Warrior Rewards

Due to the date change last weekend, we are going to modify the rules for this amazing giveaway.

We’re going to give one entry to each angler who completes FOUR Events this season now, instead of five.

That means if you had to miss Lake Wallula, you can still fish all your home events and get an entry. And if you completed Lake Wallula, you can get two entries by fishing all your home events. You must complete an event for it to count, leaving early results in a DQ and doesn’t count.

2024 Road Warrior Rewards Giveaway


We are super-excited to share a special opportunity for our most dedicated road warriors this season. We’re giving away a prize package valued at $9,049 for one angler, and three $500 prizes for the top three runners-up. What can you win? Let’s take a look.

  • One Power Load Pro Kayak Trailer – $4,950 value – Courtesy of Snake River Lockers
  • One Native Watercraft Titan X Propel 12.5 – $3,599 value – Courtesy of Diamond Parking and Self Storage
  • One $500 Gift Card – Courtesy of Les Schwab Tires
  • Our big winner wins all three of these!
  • Three $500 Gift Cards – one each for three runners-up – Courtesy of Les Schwab Tires

Of course, we’re going to make you work for it. What would you expect from a Road Warrior Rewards challenge? Every angler who completes FOUR, sanctioned live events (IKBF, OKBF, or WKBF Tour Events or KFNW Kayak Bass Classic) will get one entry for the drawing. And anglers who complete additional sanctioned live events earn additional entries as follows:

  1. 4 Events = 1 Entry
  2. 5 Events = 2 Entries
  3. 6 Events = 3 Entries
  4. 7 Events = 4 Entries
  5. 8 Events = 5 Entries
  6. 9 Events = 6 Entries
  7. 10 Events = 7 Entries
  8. 11 Events = 8 Entries
  9. 12 Events = 9 Entries

The odds of winning these prizes are HIGH! The more events you compete in, the more chances you have to win! Our 2024 schedule means that 13 events is the most that anyone would be able to complete this season. Opens, Online Challenges, Native Watercraft No Limit Big Bass Power Hour, and West Coast Championship are not eligible. Events must be completed in full. If you leave early, you will not be eligible.

We’ll draw the winners’ names at the KFNW Kayak Bass Classic, at Dworshak Reservoir, ID on October 14, 2024. We will have the trailer and kayak on display at select events throughout the season.


A huge shoutout and grateful thanks to our generous sponsors, without whom we couldn’t have done this. Snakeriver LockersDiamond Parking and Self StorageLes Schwab Tires, and Native Watercraft.



(i) Les Schwab is NOT a sponsor of the entire promotion; (ii) the prize is a $500 product and/or service gift certificate. The gift certificate is only valid in Oregon, Idaho and Washington; (iii) the prize is not redeemable for cash value; (iv) the winner is responsible for traveling to (and for the cost of travel to) a Les Schwab Tire Center to redeem the prize; (v) additional prize details and disclaimers apply; and (vi) all entrants release the prize supplier from all responsibility and liability arising out of the promotion, participation in the promotion, the prize, and/or travel required to obtain or use the prize.