KBF Rules Standard

Southern Oregon Bass Yakkers (SOBY) is a Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) partner. We closely adhere to the rules standard set by KBF, with a few exceptions, as noted below.

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Rules Addendum for SOBY

Updated 03/21/2019

Watercraft and Propulsion

  1. In addition to the watercraft listed as acceptable for use in KBF competition, SOBY will also accept plastic, recreational paddle boats.
  2. Single or multi-angler watercraft are permitted, but only one angler per watercraft is allowed.
  3. Human or natural power propulsion is the only form allowed. This includes, but is not limited to paddles, pedal drive systems, sails, fins, etc. No electric powered motors are allowed for propulsion unless approved in advance by SOBY for those with disabilities or mobility challenges


  1. SOBY collects a membership fee to participate in SOBY Events. $50 per year for SOBY (or $70 per year for KFNW, which includes IKBF, OKBF, SOBY, and WAKBF).
  2. Members will be given access to Members Only area of the website, and provided with members only discounts.

Entry Fees

  1. Online registration via TourneyX must be completed two weeks prior to any event.
  2. All entry fee sales are final, and will not be refunded. If something happens, and you cannot attend the event, your entry fee will be paid out to the winners of the event.
  3. If you arrive to pre-tournament check-in and have mot registered, SOBY will do everything we can to accommodate you, however, there is a possibility that you will not be able to compete due to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) permitting, and other preparations we need to make for the SOBY Tour Events. Please don’t surprise us at the pre-tournament check-in, register online at TourneyX ahead of time.


  1. Prefishing can be done, as listed in the KBF Rules, from ANY type of fishing vessel.
  2. Prefishing Cutoff will be 4:00pm the date prior to any event.

Pre-Tournament Check-In

  1. Pre-Tournament Check-In location and time will be determined and announced prior to each event.

Tackle and Equipment

  1. GoPros or personal action cameras are encouraged during competition, and we ask that you submit your videos to SOBY for use and editing. GoPros or other fisheye style lenses cannot be used as a form of catch submission.
  2. If you are using a Hawg Trough measuring board, it must have the lines darkened using a magic marker, as well as where the “fence” joins the board. See photo below:

Minimum Lengths

  • For all SOBY Tour Events, the minimum length requirement shall be 8 inches.

Payout Structure for First, Second and Third Place

  1. SOBY Fee Breakdowns & Prize Payouts (coming soon)
  2. In the event that NO fish are caught during Tour Series Event, the money will roll over to the next Tour Series Event. In the event that no fish are caught on the last event of the season, the money will be evenly distributed to each entrant. Any non-cash prizes will be raffled off at random.
  3. In the event of a tie in any place standing, the winner of the place standing will be determined by their longest fish. This will continue to second, third, fourth and fifth fish. If identical limits are caught. If a tie remains, a coin toss will determine the place standing.
  4. In the event that fewer anglers catch fish than the predetermined payout schedule calls for, the prizes and money will be redistributed to those anglers who caught fish. EG: If only one angler out of 30 catches a fish, all the prize money and earned placement prizes will go to that one angler. Prizes that have been determined ahead of time, such as as raffle items, will still be raffled off at random with no additional purchase necessary.

Big Bass Buy-In

  1. For each Tour Series Event, competitors can choose to enter into a Big Bass Buy-In, which will be a separate pool of money, on top of the tournament entry fee. This buy in will be CASH ONLY and will be given to the check in station at the pre tournament check in.
  2. The single competitor with the largest bass caught during competition, who paid into the Big Bass Buy-In, will receive 100% of the Big Bass Buy-In pot.
  3. In the event that multiple competitors have a tie for biggest bass, the lengths of their next biggest bass will be used. In the event that there is a tie on all fish in multiple angler’s limits, a coin toss will determine the winner.


  1. Other prizes such as non-cash donations will be distributed as seen fit by the series in the form of tournament prizes and raffles.

Late for Weigh-In Penalties

  1. Tardiness to weigh-in will not be tolerated. The weigh-in time will be announced prior to the event. All anglers must personally check-in with the Tournament Director by this scheduled weigh-in time. In the event an angler is late, a penalty of one-inch-per-minute will be deducted from the angler’s total length. Any angler who shows up 15 minutes or more after the scheduled check-in time, will be disqualified. 

Angler-of-the-Year Rules

One angler will be named Angler-of-the-Year Champion for the SOBY Tour Events. The Angler-of-the-Year Champion will be determined by adding all the points earned in competition, subtracting all the worst finishes, leaving the best five finishes total. Angler-of-the-Year points will be awarded as such:

  1. 1st Place in any SOBY Tour Event – 100 points
  2. 2nd Place in any SOBY Tour Event – 99 points
  3. 3rd Place in any SOBY Tour Event – 98 points
  4. Those that catch no fish, will earn 20 points less than the lowest earned placement.
  5. Points are awarded to each angler that turns in at least one approved fish photo.
  6. No-shows and those that do not catch any fish will not receive Angler-of-the-Year points.

KBF National Championship Qualifications

  1. KBF National Championship slots will be awarded based on the Angler-of-the-Year standings. Roll downs and special qualifications will be determined by the KBF Rules Standard.
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